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Smile while you scrub!

See why Scrub Daddy is the World’s Favorite Sponge





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Changes Texture

Firm in cold water, soft in warm

Odor Resistant

No smell for 8 weeks lab tested

Doesn’t Scratch

Safe on over 25 common surfaces

Dishwasher Safe

Rinses clean under running water

Vector 41
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Millions of cleaning crystals lifts stubborn dirt, encrusted grease, soap scum and food stains throughout your home.

Recycling rewards program

Post-consumer Scrub Daddy product is now recyclable through an innovative process which converts foam into fuel. By joining our Recycling Rewards program, you’ll support this effort by reducing landfill waste and harmful emissions one Scrub Daddy at a time.

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Dish Daddy

Soap Daddy

Power Paste

Dish Daddy

Soap Daddy

Power Paste

Where have these been all my life?!?
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I've fought a multi-year battle with family members over sponges (my preference) with dish rags (eww!). The dish rag crowd would lament (while going through 3-4 dish rags a week) that my sponges pretty quickly started to smell, dried out, etc. The Scrub Daddy is awesome!
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Try Scrub Daddy and you'll never want to use anything else!! It's cute, it works, it doesn't smell or scratch. Just buy it
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Scrub Daddy will make all your scrubbing dreams come true. There’s a reason it’s America’s favorite
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cleaned my entire refrigerator with my scrub daddy - it truly better! It absorbs better and doesn't scratch. I am a new fan!!!!!

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